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From the East,

The current favors you as does the wind keep off the coast of Venezuela due to Pirates. Good stops in the ABC’s then off shore to Santa Marta Colombia. Be prepared for STRONG winds out of the east starting about 50 NM past Aruba. The seas build up, so you may be surfing for a few hours.

Santa Marta to Cartagena stay well of shore crossing the mouth of the Magdalena. Cartagena to Panama with stops in the San Blass , HIGHLY RCOMEND arriving in daylight as there are NO navigation marks best bet is the Eat end of the Holandes keys. See the cruising guide for details on this and other options.

From the North East, Mona or Windward passage the wind should be favorable be sure you keep track of the Serrana and Roncador banks if your planning to stop in Providencia Colom

From the North,

The Yucatan Channel can be interesting with a 2 knot current against you, check the weather a north east wind makes it a miserable trip. If you don’t plan a stop in Cuba, then the Isla Mujeres Mexico is a very interesting stop good marinas and air connections.

From Isla Mujeres cut across the current to Grand Cayman, you are also crossing major shipping lane, Grand Cayman. From Grand Cayman south you should expect winds on the beam and a much reduced current. You will be in the shipping lanes and crossing the banks as you head south. Hazards include long liners, who may wan to warn you not to foul their line and anchored/moving fishermen.

Both San Andes’ and Providencia Colombia an interesting stop.

The passage to Panama south of the Albuquerque Cays presents no major challenges with little current and generally favorable winds.

From the West;

The current is with you most of the way. Do the Baja Ha ah or sail on you own to Cabo Sa Lucas. So many interesting stops along the way, be careful with the weather in the gulf of Tehuantepec, and the hurricane seasons occasional events on the Pacific. Once you have worked your way to Costa Rica the best jumping off point is Gulfito, round Punta Burica and you are in the waters covered by Eric Brahaus guide.