The Pearl Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean in the Gulf of Panama.

The Pearl Islands  archipelago  includes around 250 small islands  most are uninhabited, with white sand beaches you can have all to your self.

 The best way to explore every Pearl Island is sailing. While you hop from island to island you can spot dolphins, humpback whales and snorkel among the huge schools of fish that can’t be found in the Caribbean Sea.

History of the Pearl Islands

The Spanish Conquistadors discovered the islands in 1503 the name was easy for many years the perils harvested here where sent back to Europe.  The Pearl Islands now famous for their spectacular white sand deserted beaches, scuba diving, marine life (whale watching) and interesting ecosystems. Panamanian law to preserve the life on the islands protects the islands flora and fauna.

pearl island

Weather in the Pearl Islands

The weather is always nice but the sea can be a little bit rougher than in San Blas. Nevertheless, the Pearl islands are a must visit for every tropical island enthusiast.

Islands For Visit

Isla del Rey

Isla del Rey

Isla del Rey is the largest island of the ”Pearl Islands” but it is also one of the least inhabited islands. There are only four towns on the entire island, which is not much due to the fact that the island is around 100 square miles. The largest town is ”San Miguel” and has a population of 967 registered residents while the smallest town consists of 83 native residents. The total population of the island is under 2000 residents.

Isla saboga

Isla Saboga

Another noteworthy island is Isla Saboga, you can find traditional Island culture here.

For the actively inclined, the breathtaking surroundings provide for unbeatable trekking, scuba diving, sailing and windsurfing.

Isla Saboga and the pearl islands are world famous for sport fishing, holding over 200 international game fishing association records. snapper, grouper, tuna, wahoo and marlin throng the waters throughout the year, affording truly fantastic offshore and deep-sea fishing.

Isla del Rey

Isla Contadora

The biggest island is Isla Del Rey by far but Contadora Island is the most notable for tourist, it offers great resorts, hotels and an Airport.

The island of Contadora became world famous when in 1979 the Shah of Iran retreated there in exile. This put the spotlight on the islands as an exclusive and expensive island for the rich and the famous. Since then Contadora’s popularity began to grow and the first Hollywood stars started to invest in there private getaways. The reality show Survivor put the Pearl Islands and Contadora in many countries on the map as tropical paradise. Tourism became to flourish and the islands are not only for the rich and the famous anymore.